Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope


Active reflector system

The FAST active reflector includes a main 500 meter aperture cable mesh composed of ~7000 strands of steel cables, reflecting elements, actuators, ground anchors, perimeter beam, wind-shield wall, noise-shield wall, etc. The reflecting element cable mesh is installed on the annular latticed perimeter beam. There are 2400 nodes in the network, by which 4600 reflecting panels are installed on the cable mesh to reflect the radio wave. Every node is connected with a down-tied driving cable and an actuator device, which is then connected with the ground anchor. A noise-shield wall is installed around the perimeter of the reflector, and outside is a wind-shield wall. All of these devices form a complete active reflector system. The construction of this system is aimed to build a 500 meter aperture active spherical reflector, which could realize to form a transient 300 meter parabolic dish under real time control.

The function of the reflector is to reflect the electromagnetic wave to the focus, so that the receiver could receive and record the signals. Also it can transform actively and hold the weight of the back frame, panels and wind load.