Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope


Feed Cabin suspension System

Feed cabin suspension system includes the following structure:

(1) The optical, mechanical and electronic integration first-order cable support system: 6 tower supports with height of about a hundred meter are built in the mountain around the depression. A kilometer-scale steel cable soft support system and the guide rope, cable reel are installed to realize the first-order spatial position adjustment of the feed cabin.

(2) The 10-meter-diameter feed cabin. A parallel robot is installed in the feed cabin for the second-order adjustment to realize a spatial position accuracy of 10 mm.

(3) The steering gear between first-order and second-order adjustment mechanisms to help adjust the attitude angle of the feed cabin.

(4) The power and signal channels between ground and the feed cabin.

(5) The safety and health monitor system: It includes lightning protection, cable stress force monitor, emergency prevention and dealing equipments.