Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope



FAST is located at a great depression with a diameter of about 800 m at 25°.647N and 106°.856E, which is about 170 km by road from the provincial capital Guiyang, near the village of Dawodang, in Guizhou Province.

Guizhou is located in the southwest China. It adjoins Sichuan Province to the north, Yunnan Province to the west, Guangxi Province to the south and Hunan Province to the east. Guizhou Province has peculiar natural scenery, pleasant climate, abound resources, and big development potential. Guizhou covers an area of 176,000 square kilometers with an average altitude of 1170 meters. Annual temperature average 15oC around, and annual rainfall averages nearly 1100-1130 millimeters. Annual sunshine duration is about 1300 hours. Frost-free periods are 270 days, and the cloudy days are 150 days. The temperature is moderate, not too cold in the winter, or hot in the summer.