Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope



Currently there are 71 persons working for the FAST project.

Manager: Yan Jun

Administrative Vice Manager: Zheng Xiaonian

Chief engineer and chief scientist: Nan Rendong

Chief technologist: Yang Shimo

Chief economist: Li Qi

Vice Manager: Wang Yi, Peng Bo

Site Exploration and Excavation system: Division Leader- Wang Yi; Chief engineer- Nie Yueping

Site Civil Engineering System: Division Leader- Li Xin; Chief engineer- Yin Yueping

Electro-mechanical System: Division Leader- Yang Shimo; Chief engineer- Wang Qiming

Structure System: Division Leader- Yan Jun; Chief engineer- Fan Feng

Feed Support System: Division Leader- Yang Shimo; Chief engineer- Zhu Wenbai, Tang Xiaoqiang (CO)

Measurement and Control System: Division Leader- Peng Bo; Chief engineer- Zhu Lichun, Zhen yong (CO)

Science Department: Division Leader-Ming Zhu