FAST Data Release 13 (Released on May 1, 2023)


According to the FAST data policy, FAST Data Center releases data from February 1,2022 to April 30, 2022. Projects carried out during this period are shown in the table below. The observed sources are listed in the attachment below. Please contact FAST Data Center ( for the data.

Important note: Releases data is only for astronomical scientific research, any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

20211101-20220131 Observed projects
NO. PID PI Projects Name  Abstract
1 N2021_4 Zhu Ming HI drift scan survey Download
2 PT2020_0134 Zhang Yanrong A FAST proposal for mode changing pulsars  
3 PT2021_0001 Joeri van Leeuwen Going over the edge -- General Relativity reveals the magnetic pole of precessing pulsar J1906+0746  
4 PT2021_0004 Weiwei Zhu Testing the Theories of Gravitation with Pulsars  
5 PT2021_0005 Heng Xu Expanding Chinese Pulsar Timing Array  
6 PT2021_0007 Emilie Parent Timing observations of two double neutron star systems and two binary millisecond pulsars  
7 PT2021_0011 Nissim Kanekar The atomic gas properties of Green Pea galaxies  
8 PT2021_0013 Jumei Yao Pulsars as Interstellar Beacons  
9 PT2021_0015 James McKee A High-Precision Census of the Local Interstellar Medium Using Pulsar Scintillation  
10 PT2021_0018 Yuan Mao Measuring the orbit and masses of two double neutron star systems through scintillation observations  
11 PT2021_0019 Hui Tian Searching for CME-related radio bursts on nearby M dwarfs  
12 PT2021_0021 Ye Li Searching for Fast Radio Bursts in Nearby Galaxies  
13 PT2021_0022 BO PENG The fisrt stage of FAST Ultra-Deep Survey (FUDS1)  
14 PT2021_0025  kuo Liu Monitoring the FAST-discovered pulsars in Globular Cluster M2 and M14  
15 PT2021_0026 Shen Wang A Single Pulses Study of Two Extreme Nulling Pulsars Discovered by FAST  
16 PT2021_0027 Timothy Olszanski Follow-Up Timing of Pulsars Discovered in the Arecibo Observatory 327-MHz Drift Survey  
17 PT2021_0029 Xuelei Chen HI Intensity Mapping and Galaxy Survey  
18 PT2021_0032 Feifei Kou The variation of Polarization Properties of the Crab pulsar before and after glitch.  
19 PT2021_0034 Yogesh Chandola FAST search for associated HI and OH absorption in nearby mid-infrared bright compact radio AGNs  
20 PT2021_0036 Lin Lin Joint Radio and X-ray monitoring campaign of SGR J1935+2154  
21 PT2021_0037 Tao Wang Timing of 16 Binary Pulsars Discovered by the GPPS Survey  
22 PT2021_0039 Yongkun Zhang Do all fast radio bursts repeat?  
23 PT2021_0042 Kai Zhang Probing the HI Gas that Fuels Low-Metallicity Starbursts in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies  
24 PT2021_0043 Jun-Tao Bai Probing ionized interstellar medium and pulsar population in the Galactic Bulge and its halo  
25 PT2021_0044 Pak Hin Tam Discovering the pulsars of six promising redback candidates screened by a machine-learning scheme  
26 PT2021_0046 Chenhui Niu The Energy Distribution And Propagation Effect of a New repeater(FRB190520) discovered by FAST  
27 PT2021_0047 Xun Shi Pulsar scintillation arclets monitoring: probing sub-AU scale structures in the interstellar plasma  
28 PT2021_0055 Lingrui Lin Measuring HI Fraction in Galactic Metal-poor Molecular Clouds  
29 PT2021_0056 Mengting Liu A Search for Small Scale Structures in the ISM (Few to Tens of AU Scales)  
30 PT2021_0057 Jumei Yao Confirming and timing halo pulsar candidates detected by FAST  
31 PT2021_0058 Jumei Yao Revealing the spin-kick origin using a hyper-velocity pulsar  
32 PT2021_0061 Lei Zhang Confirmation and Monitoring of Pulsar Candidates in Globular Cluster M5 and M15  
33 PT2021_0062 Lingqi Meng Mysterious Polarization Shifts in Double Neutron Star Systems  
34 PT2021_0063 Siwei Zou Searching for 21-cm absorption in Mg II host galaxies at z  < 0.4  
35 PT2021_0067 Qingzheng Yu A Pilot Survey of HI Absorption in faint radio AGNs  
36 PT2021_0071 Jing Wang FEASTS: a Flux-Complete Image Survey of Extended HI Disks in the Local Volume  
37 PT2021_0076 Tetsuya Hashimoto A new method to identify repeating fast radio bursts  
38 PT2021_0079 Chunfeng Zhang Rotation Measure Evolution of Repeating Fast Radio Bursts in the FAST sky  
39 PT2021_0080 Jin-Jun GENG Searching Repeating Fast Radio Bursts from Accreting Pulsars  
40 PT2021_0081 Rushuang Zhao Single Pulse Research of Pulsars with Special Behavior in the Time Domain Detected in UWB Drift Scan Survey  
41 PT2021_0083 Chenhui Niu Follow-up the new FRB sources that first discovered by FAST  
42 PT2021_0084 bjwang Observing the low-luminosity Fast Radio Bursts in the FAST sky  
43 PT2021_0085 Jiarui Niu Weak emission component and mode changing of J0826+2637  
44 PT2021_0087 Rushuang Zhao Simultaneous Observation of PPC Pulsars B0950+08 and B1822-09 with FAST and TMRT  
45 PT2021_0088 David McKenna Confirming and Characterising Rotating Radio Transient Sources  
46 PT2021_0090 Feifei Kou Polarization Properties of Pulsar Single Pulses with FAST  
47 PT2021_0092 Weiyang Wang Monitoring sub-pulse structure from repeating fast radio bursts  
48 PT2021_0094 Hao Chen Gas-phase transformations in the longest ram pressure stripping tail: NGC 4569 in the Virgo Cluster  
49 PT2021_0095 Pablo Saz Parkinson FAST searches for MSPs in Fermi LAT unassociated sources from the 4FGL Catalog  
50 PT2021_0097 Pablo Saz Parkinson FAST searches for radio pulsars in gamma-ray binaries  
51 PT2021_0102 Xingjiang Zhu An astrophysically informed search for pulsar-black hole systems: a pilot program  
52 PT2021_0105 ZhichenPan Searching for Globular Cluster Pulsars Far Away from the Center  
53 PT2021_0106 Zhongsheng Yuan Detection of diffuse radio sources in two superclusters of galaxies  
54 PT2021_0110 Mengyao Xue Searching for the radio pulse signal from the companion neutron star in DNS systems  
55 PT2021_0115 Jing Tang High Time Resolution Observations of M Dwarf Flare Stars  
56 PT2021_0116 ZhichenPan Monitoring and Timing Two New Extremely Faint Pulsars Discovered from Reprocessing Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey Data  
57 PT2021_0117 Xiangdong Li FAST ToO Program of Radio Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events  
58 PT2021_0121 Ke Wang FAST Cloud Formation II: giant clouds in inner and outer Galaxy  
59 PT2021_0123 Pablo Saz Parkinson A FAST search for radio pulsars in bright gamma-ray-emitting supernova remnants  
60 PT2021_0124 Nannan Yue HI mapping survey of the Orion A complex  
61 PT2021_0126 Pengfei Wang Timing newly discovered millisecond pulsars in GPPS  
62 PT2021_0128 Yucheng Guo A Search for Neutral Hydrogen in the High-Redshift Galaxy Analogs  
63 PT2021_0129 Thankful Cromartie Continued Timing of Six NANOGrav Pulsars  
64 PT2021_0131 Lin Wang Monitoring Pulsars in the globular cluster M13 and mass measurement of M13F  
65 PT2021_0132 Weiqi Su Timing of Normal Pulsars Discovered by GPPS  
66 PT2021_0136 Qingdong wu Hig precision measurements of  Low-mass Companion Pulsar  
67 PT2021_0141 Zhiyuan Ren Exploring the Diffuse Ionized Gas (DIG): Feedback to the Parental Cloud  
68 PT2021_0146 Jingbo Wang Study of solar wind and its impact on high precision pulsar timing  
69 PT2021_0147 Nannan Yue HINSA Zeeman observation towards W3(OH)  
70 PT2021_0150 bjwang Observing Double-Neutron-Stars system in the FAST sky  
71 PT2021_0156 Shijun Dang Timing of Pulsars with frequently glitches  
72 ZD2021_1 Li Di The Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS) Download
73 ZD2021_2 Han  Jinlin The Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot (GPPS) survey Download
74 ZD2021_4_2 Wu Jingwen searching for star forming gas in M31 and dwarf galaxies  
75 ZD2021_5 Zhang Bing   Fast radio burst searches and multi-wavelength observations Download
76 ZD2021_6 Wang Na Pulsar timing:  Physics and evolution of pulsars Download
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