Approved Regular Projects in 2020



Regular Projects
Title PI name Grade
Finding Pulsars in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies Ralph Eatough A
Study of state switching pulsars wangjingbo wang A
 Maximising the detection probability for ultra-low-frequency gravitational waves wangjingbo wang A
Timing of Two New Spider Globular Cluster Pulsars Discovered by FAST Zhichen Pan A
Periodic radio pulses from the cool dwarf, binary and young exoplanetary system using FAST liyun Zhang A
Searching for close planets around AD Leo based on its radio flare monitoring Yang Gao A
A Search for Small Scale Structures in the ISM (Few to Hundreds of AU Scales) Mengting Liu A
Search for unconfirmed pulsars detected by FAST Zhigang Wen A
The emission variation study for a millisecond pulsar PSR J0636+5129 shuangqiang wang A
Follow up observations of a FAST-discovered spider pulsar: PSR J1720-0533 shuangqiang wang A
Timing study of some double neutron star systems using FAST shuangqiang wang A
Mapping Cygnus-X in HINSA Bo Hu A
How a Massive Galaxy Fuel its Star Formation: Detecting a Cold Stream Jiasheng Huang A
Study the Magnetic Field Distribution and the Recycling Process of Pulsars in M15 Jiguang Lu A
Confirming and Timing Highly Nulling Pulsars and Candidates in Globular Clusters Zhichen Pan A
Study Single Pulses from Spider Pulsars Jintao Luo A
Polarization Properties of Pulsar Single Pulses with FAST Feifei  Kou A
Search for radio pulsations from transitional millisecond pulsar system  Jie Lin A
Timing of pulsars in the Globular Cluster M13 Wang lin A
Continued Deep Searching for pulsars in the Globular Clusters with FAST (DSGC II) Wang lin A
Observing the low-luminosity Fast Radio Bursts in the FAST sky Bojun Wang A
Searching pulsars in the satellite galaxies of the Milky Way Yu Yezhao A
The abnormal-emission shift event of PSR B1859+07 Yu Yezhao A
Expand the Chinese Pulsar Timing Array Heng Xu A
Probing jitter noise of millisecond pulsars using single pulses yi feng A
Observing Spider Pulsars using FAST and Optical Telescopes Heng Xu A
Search for radio pulse for five point-like sources in pulsar wind nebulae and candidates Yang Chen A
Searching for radio pulsations in the transitional millisecond pulsar PSR J1023+0038 Xian Hou A
Extreme switching and radio emission variation in FAST pulsars Rai Yuen A
Phase array observation for pulsars with FAST and Effelsberg Kejia Lee A
HI Intensity Mapping and Galaxy Survey Xuelei Chen A
FAST observations of CU Virginis Lunhua Shang A
A search for radio pulsars in large angular size supernova remnants Wenming Yan A
Investigating unusual profile mode changing in new FAST-discovered radio pulsars  Habtamu Menberu Tedila A
A search for OH absorption in AGN hosts detected with HI 21 cm absorption Aditya JNHS A
Search for the Hidden Secrets of Pulsar Emissions mao yuan A
FAST-GBT Joint Observation of the new repeating FRB 190520 discovered by FAST Niu chenhui A
FAST Observation of Four ‘Swooshes’ Pulsars Shijun Dang A
Zeeman Observations of HI Narrow Self-Absorption in Dark Cores Tao-Chung Ching A
HINSA survey of massive starless clump candidates with FAST Yang Kai A
Pulsars as Interstellar Beacons Jumei Yao A
Baseband polarimetry of non-PTA millisecond pulsars Jinchen Jiang A
The Enigmatic Birth Properties of Pulsars Jiarui Niu A
Testing the Theories of Gravitation with Pulsars Weiwei Zhu A
Deep Mapping of Diffuse HI in Intragroup Medium of Stephan`s Quintet Cong Xu A
HI mapping of the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster region Zhu Ming A
FAST HI survey of ultra diffuse galaxies (UDGs) Chandreyee Sengupta A
 A swift HI survey of  Planck Galactic Cold Cores  Ningyu Tang A
Galactic HI absorption survey toward extra-galactic continuum sources Ningyu Tang A
Searching for radio pulsations from the Central Compact Objects of SNR Kes 79 Zhang Shu A
Testing the polarization emission theory from pulsars with highly polarized components Pengfei Wang A
Exploring the Diffuse Ionized Gas (DIG): from Cloud to Galaxy Zhiyuan Ren A
Mapping two nearby giant radio galaxies: 3C31 and 3C326 Ru-Rong Chen A
Search for radio emission from X-ray dim isolated neutron stars Zhou Xia A
The first high-sensitive, well-calibrated pulsar search and study in three globular clusters: M15, M5 and NGC 6517 Lei Zhang A
Unveiling the HI gas for super spiral galaxies at redshift 0.27 Cheng Cheng A
 Searching and Monitoring Pulsars in 10 Globular Clusters outside the Coverage Range of the Arecibo Zhen Yan A
Unveiling the HI gas for galaxies in transition from low to high star formation efficiency Cheng Cheng A
HI follow-up for ALMaQUEST galaxies Zheng Zheng A
Preprocessing of galaxies infalling into the Coma Cluster Jing Wang A
HI mapping survey of the Orion A complex Tie Liu A
Timing Two Pulsars and Following up Three MSP Candidates Discovered by FAST in Unidentified Fermi Sources Pei Wang A
Deep search of radio emission from radio-quiet magnetars QiJun Zhi A
Lunar detection of ultra-high-energy particles with FAST Cheng Lingmei A
HI Gas of Post-starburst Galaxies with IFU Data Hassen Mohammed Yesuf A
FAST L-band continuum observations of four very faint and large SNRs/SNR candidates outside the Galactic plane Xuyang Gao A
Interplanetary Scintillation Observation with FAST Lijia Liu A
Deciphering the Mystery of the Smith Cloud’s Origin Marko Krco A
Low Frequency FAST Pilot Observations of the Coolest Brown Dwarfs jing tang A
Zeeman Observations across the Orion-A Region: Is the Magnetic Reversal Helical or Bow-shaped? Tao-Chung Ching A
Polarization observational study  for pulsars with mode- changing phenemon by FAST Chen Jianling  A
Single-pulse follow-up of a pulsar discovered by FAST Andrew Cameron A
Timing newly discovered millisecond pulsars in GPPS Pengfei Wang A
Measure post-Keplerian Parameters for 15 pulsar binary systems discovered by FAST Chenchen miao A
A pilot pulsar survey at intermediate Galactic latitudes Shi Dai A
IPS observation of the solar wind flow Yihua Yan A
Follow-up of the six newly detected single radio pulses from the GPPS data Dejiang Zhou A
A HINSA suvey towards a sample of Galactic massive star forming regions Jinjin Xie A
A FAST Survey to Study the Effect of Galaxy Interaction on HI Gas Yu Dai A
Small-scale magnetic field constraints from globular cluster pulsars Pengfei Wang A
Probing magnetic fields in the Galactic halo with FAST pulsar polarization observations Jun Xu A
FAST ToO Program of Comet Observation Chao-Wei Tsai A
A Pilot SETI Targeted and Commensal Program with FAST Tong-Jie Zhang A
FAST observation of SNR G57.2+0.8 that hosts magnetar SGR 1935+2154 Yang Chen A
FAST Galactic Bulge and Plane monitoring program Wenfei Yu A
A deep FAST search for pulsations to unveil the nature of the Magnificent Seven isolated neutron stars Xian Hou A
A FAST-Centric FRB Localization Experiment Chen-hui Niu A
HI Imaging of the Lockman Hole with FAST Marko Krco A
1000 pulses in 1000 pulsars:observations of single pulses chosen through the P-Ṗ diagram wangjingbo wang B
selection of millisecond pulsar candidates for ultra-low-frequency gravitational waves detection wangjingbo wang B
Search for the pulsar corresponding to a possible historical supernova Lei Qian B
Exploring the radio emission from Neptune Yang Gao B
High-velocity Atomic Outflows in Star Formation Regions Yue Cao B
Follow-up Timing of FAST RRATs Zhigang Wen B
Identifying millisecond pulsars among the candidates selected from Fermi LAT Zhongxiang Wang B
Observations of interstellar scintillation using FAST  Yonghua Xu B
FAST survey on OH megamasers JiangShui Zhang B
Search for extragalactic radio recombination lines with FAST Liu Bin B
Mapping the Galactic Warm Ionized Medium with FAST Liu Bin B
Explore distant Galactic turbulence using pulsar scattering Yunpeng Men B
Observing the radio transients from superluminous supernovae Weiyang Wang B
Test general relativity with  binary pulsars Jianping Yuan B
 Timing analysis and emission variations in new pulsars discovered in GPPS Jianping Yuan B
Searching for the pulsar in the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057 Pak Hin Tam B
Measuring magnetic fields strengths in Planck Cold Clumps based on the HINSA Zeeman experiment with FAST Eswaraaih Chakali Chakali B
HI content of young starburst blueberry galaxies Yogesh Chandola B
The FAST Track to Zeeman Measurements Hua-bai Li B
A subtle research for moding-change shengnan sun B
Extragalactic HI absorption survey towards bright compact radio quasars Zheng Zheng B
The study of HI and cosmic rays emission in mid-latitude of the third quadrant with FAST and Fermi fang-kun peng B
FAST Ultra Deep Survey (stage 1) Peng Bo B
Constraining dark matter properties from radio observations of Ursa Major II Xiaoyuan Huang B
Study the origin of the cosmic-ray positron excess through searching the pulsed radio emission of the Geminga pulsar Ruoyu Liu B
Search for interstellar organic molecules at low-frequency range with FAST Long-Fei Chen B
A survey of HINSA —from Carbon Chain molecular producing regions to dust cores Yuefang Wu B
A FAST proposal for mode changing pulsars Zhang Yanrong B
Supernova shock into dense ISM: atomic gas in SNR IC 443 Zhiyu Zhang B
Direct Observation of the HI Disk of Massive Spiral Galaxy: A Pilot Study of NGC 891 Lu Liyuan B
Probing the HI content of Merging Galaxies in MaNGA Qingzheng Yu B
HI detection in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxies Minfeng Gu B
A Timing Study of a Nulling Pulsar Discovered by Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) Shen Wang B
Searching axion dark matter conversioned spectral line in neutron star magnetosphere by FAST Wang Chen B
Pulsar glitch and the inner structure of neutron stars ANG LI B
Real-time detection and triggering of FRBs with FAST and the MWA Ran Duan B
FAST searches for millisecond pulsars in Fermi LAT unassociated sources from the 4FGL Catalog Pablo Saz Parkinson B
A Contemporaneous Single-Pulse Search and Study with FAST and the MWA  Mengyao Xue B
Probing the HI Gas Contents of Transitional Galaxies Indicated by the [NII]/[SII] ratios Fang Taotao B