序号 项目编号 项目负责人 项目名称 项目简介
1 N2021_4 Zhu Ming HI drift scan survey 下载
2 PT2021_0001 Joeri van Leeuwen Going over the edge -- General Relativity reveals the magnetic pole of precessing pulsar J1906+0746  
3 PT2021_0004 Weiwei Zhu Testing the Theories of Gravitation with Pulsars  
4 PT2021_0005 Heng Xu Expanding Chinese Pulsar Timing Array  
5 PT2021_0007 Emilie Parent Timing observations of two double neutron star systems and two binary millisecond pulsars  
6 PT2021_0010 George Hobbs Catching a pulse in the act of nulling  
7 PT2021_0011 Nissim Kanekar The atomic gas properties of Green Pea galaxies  
8 PT2021_0015 James McKee A High-Precision Census of the Local Interstellar Medium Using Pulsar Scintillation  
9 PT2021_0018 Yuan Mao Measuring the orbit and masses of two double neutron star systems through scintillation observations  
10 PT2021_0019 Hui Tian Searching for CME-related radio bursts on nearby M dwarfs  
11 PT2021_0020 Xuelei Chen Searching for axion dark matter gegenschein  
12 PT2021_0021 Ye Li Searching for Fast Radio Bursts in Nearby Galaxies  
13 PT2021_0022 BO PENG The fisrt stage of FAST Ultra-Deep Survey (FUDS1)  
14 PT2021_0025  kuo Liu Monitoring the FAST-discovered pulsars in Globular Cluster M2 and M14  
15 PT2021_0026 Shen Wang A Single Pulses Study of Two Extreme Nulling Pulsars Discovered by FAST  
16 PT2021_0027 Timothy Olszanski Follow-Up Timing of Pulsars Discovered in the Arecibo Observatory 327-MHz Drift Survey  
17 PT2021_0028 Meng Yang Targeted search of pulsars in binaries based on the Gaia DR2 catalogue  
18 PT2021_0030 Dongzi Li Targeted Observations of Local Universe Fast Radio Bursts  
19 PT2021_0032 Feifei Kou The variation of Polarization Properties of the Crab pulsar before and after glitch.  
20 PT2021_0034 Yogesh Chandola FAST search for associated HI and OH absorption in nearby mid-infrared bright compact radio AGNs  
21 PT2021_0036 Lin Lin Joint Radio and X-ray monitoring campaign of SGR J1935+2154  
22 PT2021_0037 Tao Wang Timing of 16 Binary Pulsars Discovered by the GPPS Survey  
23 PT2021_0039 Yongkun Zhang Do all fast radio bursts repeat?  
24 PT2021_0041 Chen Wang Exploring a novel RFI removing technique for obtaining deep extra-Galactic HI spectra  
25 PT2021_0042 Kai Zhang Probing the HI Gas that Fuels Low-Metallicity Starbursts in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies  
26 PT2021_0043 Jun-Tao Bai Probing ionized interstellar medium and pulsar population in the Galactic Bulge and its halo  
27 PT2021_0048   Lin Lin   Catch the radio emission associated with magnetar-like X-ray bursts  
28 PT2021_0049   Bin Liu   The FAST Recombination Line Survey: First Segment  
29 PT2021_0053 Bo Zhang Localization of FRBs and their Hosts with VLBI including FAST  
30 PT2021_0055 Lingrui Lin Measuring HI Fraction in Galactic Metal-poor Molecular Clouds  
31 PT2021_0056 Mengting Liu A Search for Small Scale Structures in the ISM (Few to Tens of AU Scales)  
32 PT2021_0057 Jumei Yao Confirming and timing halo pulsar candidates detected by FAST  
33 PT2021_0059 Ningyu Tang Galactic HI absorption survey toward extra-galactic continuum sources  
34 PT2021_0062 Lingqi Meng Mysterious Polarization Shifts in Double Neutron Star Systems  
35 PT2021_0063 Siwei Zou Searching for 21-cm absorption in Mg II host galaxies at z  < 0.4  
36 PT2021_0067 Qingzheng Yu A Pilot Survey of HI Absorption in faint radio AGNs  
37 PT2021_0068 Carl Heiles Verify the Linear Polarization in HI Absorption Line toward Quasars  
38 PT2021_0070 Cheng Cheng Unveiling the HI gas for super spiral galaxies at redshift 0.27  
39 PT2021_0071 Jing Wang FEASTS: a Flux-Complete Image Survey of Extended HI Disks in the Local Volume  
40 PT2021_0075 Crispin Agar Hunting for periodic variability in millisecond pulsars  
41 PT2021_0076 Tetsuya Hashimoto A new method to identify repeating fast radio bursts  
42 PT2021_0079 Chunfeng Zhang Rotation Measure Evolution of Repeating Fast Radio Bursts in the FAST sky  
43 PT2021_0082 Sujin Eie Probing the weak giant radio pulses from the Crab pulsar  
44 PT2021_0083 Chenhui Niu Follow-up the new FRB sources that first discovered by FAST  
45 PT2021_0086 Ji-an Jiang Searching for the Optical Counterparts of Repeating FRBs via FAST-Seimei Synergistic Observations  
46 PT2021_0099 Jian Li Search for radio pulsations from AE Aqr  
47  PT2021_0103    Ralph Eatough  Finding Pulsars in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies  
48 PT2021_0104 Mengyao Xue High time-resolution L-band polarimetric studies for the MWA steep-spectrum pulsar discovery  
49 PT2021_0105 ZhichenPan Searching for Globular Cluster Pulsars Far Away from the Center  
50 PT2021_0113 Yu-Ling Chang Following up on astrophysical neutrinos with FAST  
51 PT2021_0121 Ke Wang FAST Cloud Formation II: giant clouds in inner and outer Galaxy  
52 PT2021_0125 Xueli Miao Search for White Dwarf Pulsars  
53 PT2021_0126 Pengfei Wang Timing newly discovered millisecond pulsars in GPPS  
54 PT2021_0131 Lin Wang Monitoring Pulsars in the globular cluster M13 and mass measurement of M13F  
55 PT2021_0132 Weiqi Su Timing of Normal Pulsars Discovered by GPPS  
56 PT2021_0138 Chenchen Miao Revealing the invisible field around the companionstar of eclipsing pulsar binary  
57 PT2021_0146 Jingbo Wang Study of solar wind and its impact on high precision pulsar timing  
58 PT2021_0150 bjwang Observing Double-Neutron-Stars system in the FAST sky  
59 PT2021_0154 Jiangwei Xu Monitoring high energy loss rate pulsars  
60 PT2021_0156 Shijun Dang Timing of Pulsars with frequently glitches  
61 ZD2021_1 Di Li The Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS) 下载
62 ZD2021_2 Jinlin Han The Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot (GPPS) survey 下载
63 ZD2021_4 Wang Jie  HI Mapping and pulsars searching toward M31 region  下载
64 ZD2021_4_2 Wu Jingwen searching for star forming gas in M31 and dwarf galaxies  
65 ZD2021_5 Weiwei Zhu Fast radio burst searches and multi-wavelength observations 下载
66 ZD2021_6 Na Wang Pulsar timing:  Physics and evolution of pulsars 下载