Approved Regular Projects in 2023


A-rated project time has the highest prioroty and will be completed first in the observing queue, while B-rated project time is on the waiting list and its completion depends on the status of the FAST observing schedule.

PT2023_0001 Observing 7 MSPs for mode changing study bjwang A Abstract
PT2023_0002 Searching for pulsars in massive Open Clusters Xiaoting Fu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0003 Joint Radio and X-ray monitoring campaign of SGR J1935+2154 Lin Lin A+B Abstract
PT2023_0004 Unveiling the Interaction between the Magellanic Stream and the Milky Way’s Circumgalactic Medium Qingzheng Yu A Abstract
PT2023_0005 Mapping CGM and IGM by FAST on COSMOS field Hengxing Pan A Abstract
PT2023_0006 FAST-Effelsberg simultaneous observation of pulsar B1508+55 dynamic spectra Xun Shi A Abstract
PT2023_0007 Establishing the magnetar-FRB link: Simultaneous radio/X-ray monitoring of magnetar outbursts with FAST and Einstein Probe Emilie Parent A+B Abstract
PT2023_0008 Follow-up Timing Observation of PSR J2016+3711 in Supernova Remnant CTB 87 Yang Chen A Abstract
PT2023_0009 Measuring magnetic fields strengths in Planck Cold Clumps based on the HINSA Zeeman experiment with FAST Eswaraiah A Abstract
PT2023_0010 Going over the edge: General Relativity reveals the magnetic pole of precessing pulsar J1906+0746 (continued) Joeri van Leeuwen A Abstract
PT2023_0011 Follow-up observations of the planet pulsar, PSR B1257+12 Alexander Wolszczan A Abstract
PT2023_0012 Searching and Timing of Pulsars in the Globular Cluster NGC 6517 DejiangYin A+B Abstract
PT2023_0013 The Enigmatic Birth Properties of Pulsars Niu Jiarui A Abstract
PT2023_0014 Unveiling the magnetic fields in PDRs by measuring the Zeeman effect of CRRLs Ligang Hou A Abstract
PT2023_0015 Testing the Theories of Gravitation with Pulars Weiwei Zhu A Abstract
PT2023_0016 Synergy of FAST, JCMT, and VLA Observations to Measure Interstellar Magnetic Fields in Detail Tao-Chung Ching A Abstract
PT2023_0017 Timing of 15 bright millisecond pulsars newly discovered by GPPS Wang Chen A Abstract
PT2023_0018 A Stone for two birds - the Observation to Binary Pulsars in Globular Cluster M71 ZhichenPan A Abstract
PT2023_0019 Coordinated multi-wavelength observations of stellar flares with FAST and other observatories Hui Tian A Abstract
PT2023_0020 Hunting for radio pulsations in the quiescent state of Accreting Millisecond X-ray Pulsars Alessio Marino A Abstract
PT2023_0021 Deep Mapping of Diffuse HI Gas in Intragroup Medium of Hickson Compact Groups Qingzheng Yu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0022 FEASTS: FAST Extended-Atlas-of-Selected-Targets Survey Jing Wang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0023 Searching for Double Pulsars Mengyao Xue A+B Abstract
PT2023_0024 Constraining dark matter content in galaxies representative of the nearby universe combing IFU data and HI spectra from FAST Ling Zhu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0025 Deep HI targeted survey of quenched massive galaxies Xiao Li A Abstract
PT2023_0026 Mapping Diffuse HI in NGC 4808 and NGC 4713: Special Starburst Neighbors with Multiple clues of Gas Accretion Hassen Mohammed Yesuf A Abstract
PT2023_0027 The FAST Recombination Line Survey: First Segment III Bin Liu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0028 Searching for binary millisecond pulsars from the Gaia catalogue Liu kuo A+B Abstract
PT2023_0029 The long-term monitoring of the persistent active repeater that was first discovered by FAST Niu Chenhui A+B Abstract
PT2023_0030 Excitation environment of the Outer arm with extremely low thermal pressure Ningyu Tang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0031 Confirmation of new pulsars and rotating radio transient discovered by FAST at intermediate Galactic latitudes Juntao Bai A+B Abstract
PT2023_0032 Probing ionized interstellar medium and pulsar population in the Galactic Bulge and its halo xinxu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0033 Tracing the evolution of galaxies falling into the Coma Cluster Shun Wang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0034 Timing of 6 millisecond pulsars discovered by CRAFTS Miao Chenchen A Abstract
PT2023_0035 Test General Relativity with Relativistic Spin Precession in Double Neutron Star Systems Lingqi Meng A Abstract
PT2023_0036 Observing Double-Neutron-Stars system in the FAST sky bjwang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0037 Finding pulsar for Galactic TeV sources Wang Zhongxiang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0038 HI observations of FR 0 radio galaxies Qiuyu Yu A Abstract
PT2023_0039 The magnetic field of eclipse materials and eclipse duration measurement of three spider pulsars Miao Chenchen A Abstract
PT2023_0040 Monitoring Pulsars in the globular cluster M13 Wang Lin A Abstract
PT2023_0041 Exploring 3D magnetosphere with relativistic binary pulsars Kou Feifei A+B Abstract
PT2023_0042 An extend observation for an unique phase-locked modulation pulsar Kou Feifei A Abstract
PT2023_0043 Monitoring FRB-like drifting structure in some pulsars and FRBs Weiyang Wang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0044 Ultra Deep FAST mapping: where is the atomic gas in the HI-deficient compact groups Cheng Cheng A+B Abstract
PT2023_0045 Polarization studies of mode changing pulsars using FAST Sun Shengnan A Abstract
PT2023_0046 Timing of two millisecond pulsars in binary systems with a massive white dwarf companion Juntao Bai A Abstract
PT2023_0047 Studys of timing and scintillation for pulsars in M3 Baoda Li A Abstract
PT2023_0048 A pilot search for pulsars on the edge of the Fermi Bubbles Mengyao Xue A+B Abstract
PT2023_0049 A systematic survey of atomic gas in post-starburst galaxies Sara Ellison A+B Abstract
PT2023_0050 The scattering screen position of pulsars Yulan Liu A Abstract
PT2023_0051 Studying the radiation characteristic of rotating radio transients with FAST Wenqian Zhong A Abstract
PT2023_0052 A study of interpulse emissions in radio pulsars Sun Shengnan A Abstract
PT2023_0053 Search for radio pulsations from the accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars in quiescence Shan-Shan Weng A+B Abstract
PT2023_0054 Searching for Radio Pulsations from Neutron Star Low-Mass X-ray Binaries Zhaosheng Li A+B Abstract
PT2023_0055 FAST L-band & Insight-HXMT simultaneous monitoring of SGR 1935+2154 Jian Li A+B Abstract
PT2023_0056 FAST Zeeman Observations in HI clouds at Fermi Bubble Edges Yu-Chen Nie B Abstract
PT2023_0057 Expanding Chinese Pulsar Timing Array Heng Xu A Abstract
PT2023_0058 A search for pulsar companions to single-lined spectroscopic binaries with ellipsoidal variability in Gaia DR3 Wenjun Huang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0059 Correlated emission and spin-down variability in radio pulsars Kou Feifei A+B Abstract
PT2023_0060 Study of Magnetic fields and their structure in Cygnus X Region Sunil Malik A Abstract
PT2023_0061 Searching for radio pulsar from possible neutron star binaries found in Gaia DR3 Fu Qiuyang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0062 FAST search for atomic hydrogen in Raman-scattered PNe Xujia Ouyang B Abstract
PT2023_0063 Footprints of A High-Velocity Cloud Traversing The Galactic Plane Duan Yan B Abstract
PT2023_0064 The study of pulsed radio emission for PSR J0952-0607, 4U 0142+61 and 1E 2259+586 Mingyu Ge A Abstract
PT2023_0065 Timing and confirmation of new pulsars discovered towards the Galactic Bulge Qi-Jun Zhi A Abstract
PT2023_0066 Identify new supernova remnants (SNR) using FAST Aiyuan Yang A Abstract
PT2023_0067 Searching Scintillation Arc from Seven Rapidly Scintillating Quasars Ziwei Wu A Abstract
PT2023_0068 Magnetic Monitoring of OH Megamasers Timothy Robishaw B Abstract
PT2023_0069 Resolving orbital motion of J1012+5307 using scintillation Ziwei Wu A Abstract
PT2023_0070 Mapping the intergalactic HI flows around an extremely metal-poor dwarf starburst galaxy Hongxin Zhang B Abstract
PT2023_0071 Searching for radio pulsations in the transitional millisecond pulsar PSR J1023+0038 after a transition Xian Hou A+B Abstract
PT2023_0072 A pilot pulsar survey of the high Galactic latitude region. Rahul Sengar A+B Abstract
PT2023_0073 FAST L-band continuous monitoring of FRB121102 Junshuo Zhang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0074 HI Intensity Mapping and Galaxy Survey Xuelei Chen A Abstract
PT2023_0075 Timing observations for the newly found pulsars in M53: the most distant GC with known pulsars Lian Yujie A Abstract
PT2023_0076 Continuing Confirming NGC6749B ZhichenPan A+B Abstract
PT2023_0077 Search for the Optical Counterparts of Repeating FRBs via FAST-Seimei Synergistic Observations Ji-an Jiang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0078 Monitoring a persistent radio source with likely magnetar origin Rui Luo A+B Abstract
PT2023_0079 Follow-Up of Pulsars Discovered in the PALFA Survey Alexander Saffer A Abstract
PT2023_0080 Follow-up observations of the first millisecond pulsar TeV halo candidate Wenjun Huang A Abstract
PT2023_0081 Detecting Cold Neutral Gas in the Low-Redshift Hot DOG W1254+1011 GuodongLi B Abstract
PT2023_0082 Searching for the Pulsars in 5 Globular Clusters Pal14, Pal15, NGC6535, Glimpse-C01 and Whiting Yinfeng Dai A+B Abstract
PT2023_0083 H I Observations towards AGN-host Dwarf Galaxies with Enhanced Radio Luminosities Ziyang Zhang B Abstract
PT2023_0084 Timing of 9 GPPS pulsars orbiting a WD companion Zonglin Yang A Abstract
PT2023_0085 Confirmation of the binary nature of millisecond pulsars discovered in the GPPS survey Wang Pengfei A Abstract
PT2023_0086 Uncover the multi-time scale corona jet interaction in  GRS1915+105 Wang Wei A+B Abstract
PT2023_0087 Timing Two Pulsars and Following up Three MSP Candidates Discovered by FAST in Unidentified Fermi Sources Wang Pei A Abstract
PT2023_0088 Timing observations for the gamma-ray binary LS I +61° 303 Yujie Lian A Abstract
PT2023_0089 Long-term Observations or Pulsars in Globular Cluster M15 Yuxiao Wu B Abstract
PT2023_0090 A follow-up pulsation search on a Galactic rare narrow-banded source Lu Wanjin A+B Abstract
PT2023_0091 Search the radio counterparts of several LHAASO sources Jianli Zhang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0092 Targeted SETI with FAST: expanding the search both in target selections and ETI identifications Tong-Jie Zhang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0093 FAST Ultra-Deep Survey (FUDS): observation for the FUDS3 field (stage 1) Bi-Qing For B Abstract
PT2023_0094 Investigation of Bi-Drifting Subpulses in PSR J0535-0231 using FAST Telescope Habtamu Menberu Tedila A+B Abstract
PT2023_0095 Mapping HI towards the special asymptotic giant branch star: o Cet Xiaohu Li B Abstract
PT2023_0096 Study on the jitter noises in millisecond pulsars using FAST Shuangqiang Wang B Abstract
PT2023_0097 Study of fast multiwavelength variability in black hole X-ray binaries with FAST and Insight-HXMT Liang Zhang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0098 Interstellar scintillation of pulsars in binary systems with FAST Yulan Liu B Abstract
PT2023_0099 Timing of Binary Pulsar with a Massive Nondegenerate Companion Niu Jiarui B Abstract
PT2023_0100 Do All Active Repeating FRBs Have Complex Magnetic Environments? Yongkun Zhang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0101 Study of GLIMPSE-C01 with recently discovered the transient X-ray binary and new binary pulsar Zhang Liyun A+B Abstract
PT2023_0102 Key data of 237 GPPS pulsars for future phase coherent timing solutions Weiqi Su B Abstract
PT2023_0103 Pinpointing the onset of radio pulsations in a new transitional millisecond pulsar candidate Emilie Parent A+B Abstract
PT2023_0104 Further FAST observational studies of two multi-drift mode pulsars Jie Tian B Abstract
PT2023_0105 Using scintillation to reveal the origin of a young pulsar at high Galactic latitude Yao Jumei A+B Abstract
PT2023_0106 Tracking the H I Gas near a Dark-Matter Deficient Galaxy Group Chao-Wei Tsai B Abstract
PT2023_0107 Hunting for photon leakage in NGC 7538 Fanyi Meng B Abstract
PT2023_0108 Pulsar pole cross talk: A survey of interpole communication in radio pulsars Dr Xiaoxi Song B Abstract
PT2023_0109 Pulsar Mass Measurements of Six Millisecond Pulsars via Shapiro Delays Heng Xu B Abstract
PT2023_0110 Polarization observations of the newly discovered MSPs with FAST Sun Shengnan B Abstract
PT2023_0111 Studying Binaries using Scintillation Velocity Measurements Yuan Mao B Abstract
PT2023_0112 The Tully-Fisher relation of S0 galaxies with different origin mechanisms Peibin Chen B Abstract
PT2023_0113 Formation of the Extended Ultraviolet Disk in NGC 4625 Qifeng Huang B Abstract
PT2023_0114 The follow-up research of nulling behavior of new pulsars detected in CRAFTS Zhao Rushuang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0115 Dual-frequency quasi-simultaneously observation of 6 pulsars with FAST and GLOW/NenuFAR Jun Wang B Abstract
PT2023_0116 Probing the radio properties of the off-plane supernova remnant G116.6-26.1 Gao Xuyang B Abstract
PT2023_0117 Test the carousel model of subpulse drifting and search for new subpulse drifter Lyu Chengbing A+B Abstract
PT2023_0118 Study of Nulling of Five Newly Pulsars Discovered by the Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFS) Li Qingying A+B Abstract
PT2023_0119 A pilot search for OH megamaser emission from high-z ULIRGs Wu Zhongzu B Abstract
PT2023_0120 Resolving PSR J2222-0137's orbital geometry and scintillation screen's properties using scintillation Miao Xueli B Abstract
PT2023_0121 Is G213.0-0.6 a genuine supernova remnant? Gao Xuyang B Abstract
PT2023_0122 Searching and monitoring of pulsars in globular clusters M15 and M5 with FAST Lei Zhang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0123 Single Pulse Timing Ziyao Fang B Abstract
PT2023_0124 Depicting the dynamic environment of FRB 20180301A with FAST Rui Luo A+B Abstract
PT2023_0125 Monitoring and discovering pulsars in Globular Cluster M2 and M14 Liu kuo B Abstract
PT2023_0126 Monthly baseband polarimetry and timing of the Crab pulsar Jiang Jinchen B Abstract
PT2023_0127 The Single Pulse Study of Near-death-line Long-period Pulsars Discovered by CRAFTS Yutong Chen B Abstract
PT2023_0128 Searching for radio emissions from radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars Shuangqiang Wang B Abstract
PT2023_0129 Polarization and Single-pulse Micro-structure Studies of Rotating Radio Transients with FAST Shijun Dang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0130 Search for White Dwarf Pulsars Miao Xueli A+B Abstract
PT2023_0131 Detecting radio bridges in three binary clusters of galaxies Yuan Zhongsheng B Abstract
PT2023_0132 A study on the companion masses of massive binary pulsars Hang Gong B Abstract
PT2023_0133 Detection of diffuse radio emission in 10 galaxy clusters by FAST Jun Xu B Abstract
PT2023_0134 Highly sensitive observations of Rotating Radio Transients with FAST Wang Jingbo B Abstract
PT2023_0135 Timing Observations of Millisecond pulsar J0520+3722g and J0416+5202g Su Tianhao B Abstract
PT2023_0136 Search for radio pulsations in Gaia DR3 Astrometric Compact Star Candidates Lin Jie A+B Abstract
PT2023_0137 Characterizing Solar Wind using Pulsar Scintillation Ziwei Wu B Abstract
PT2023_0138 Using high sensitivity observation study particular stellar evolution in binary pulsar systems Miao Xueli B Abstract
PT2023_0139 Deep observations to improve the constraints on the inclination angle and impact angle of pulsars Xiancong Wu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0140 Interplanetary Scintillation Observations with FAST during PSP perihelion Liu Lijia B Abstract
PT2023_0141 Scintillation observations: probing the properties of the local Fermi bubbles Zhang Dandan B Abstract
PT2023_0142 Timing extremely nulling pulsars discovered by FAST zhoudejiang B Abstract
PT2023_0143 Timing of 4 possible double neutron stars discovered by the FAST GPPS survey Zonglin Yang B Abstract
PT2023_0144 The radiation geometry of PSR B2016+28 WangZhengli B Abstract
PT2023_0145 Single pulses and polarization studies of 4 pulsars Shunshun Cao B Abstract
PT2023_0146 Searching for star-planet interaction signals from nearby planet-hosting stars and inferring planetary magnetosphere Hui Tian B Abstract
PT2023_0147 Follow-up timing of six binary and three millisecond pulsars discovered by CRAFTS with FAST Wu Qingdong B Abstract
PT2023_0148 Monitoring a nearly restless repeating Fast Radio Burst with FAST Ye Li A+B Abstract
PT2023_0149 Observing stellar-mass black holes by FAST zhoudejiang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0150 Polarization observations of 114 faint newly discovered GPPS pulsars Jun Xu B Abstract
PT2023_0151 Understanding the magnetospheric geometry of radio pulsars through the polarization emission characteristics of single pulse WangZhengli A+B Abstract
PT2023_0152 Magnetic fields strength using HINSA Zeeman observations towards molecular clouds EKTA SHARMA B Abstract
PT2023_0153 Second Round of Observing the Best Candidates from the Arecibo SETI@home Sky Survey Tong-Jie Zhang B Abstract
PT2023_0154 Polarimetry studies of FRB20171019A Hao Qiu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0155 A FAST RRL survey toward the most luminous Galactic HII regions Aiyuan Yang B Abstract
PT2023_0156 Revealing the pulsar spin-velocity relationship using a hyper-velocity pulsar Yao Jumei B Abstract
PT2023_0157 FAST ToO Program of Radio Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events Shi-Jie, Gao A+B Abstract
PT2023_0158 The correlations between glitches and emission variations from pulsars observations with FAST and HRT YueHu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0159 Probing the radio emission beam structure of two binary pulsars Wang Hongguang B Abstract
PT2023_0160 A Confirmation Study of 16 new FAST Pulsars Detected by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Wang Shen A+B Abstract
PT2023_0161 Follow-up timing observations of MSPs J0435+3233 and J1403+1306: stringent constraints on the pulsar spin-up theories Wu Qingdong B Abstract
PT2023_0162 28 Pulsars Discovered in the GPPS Survey: Young or Old? Weiqi Su B Abstract
PT2023_0163 To observe more mode switches of PSR J0946+0951 with FAST Shunshun Cao A+B Abstract
PT2023_0164 Is there bridge radiation between main pulse and inter pulse in pulsars with low magnetic angle? Tian jie B Abstract
PT2023_0165 Prompt study of high-B pulsars' outbursts Yixuan Shao A+B Abstract
PT2023_0166 Explore the pc-scale surrounding environment of pulsars through scintillation observations Yuan Mao B Abstract
PT2023_0167 Search for Radio Pulsations from Non-interacting Compact Star Binaries with FAST Shi-Jie, Gao A+B Abstract
PT2023_0168 Positioning of GPPS faint pulsars Wang Chen B Abstract
PT2023_0169 Searching for a new spiral arm at the extreme outer Galaxy Chong Li B Abstract
PT2023_0170 Confirming the Long-term Timing Stability of Two Eclipsing Black-widow Pulsars Heng Xu B Abstract
PT2023_0171 Follow-up search for radio pulsations from a central compact object and magnetars Cao Jinhuang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0172 The  drifting subpulse of PSR J1824-0132 observed with FAST Juntao Bai B Abstract
PT2023_0173 Searching for Fast Radio Bursts from Globular Clusters in the NGC4472 galaxy Chien-Chang Ho A+B Abstract
PT2023_0174 Neutral Stellar winds, HINSA and Magnitude Field toward High-mass Star-formation Regions Yingjie Li B Abstract
PT2023_0175 FAST Observations of Pulsars in Globular Clusters M10 and M12 Yujie Wang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0176 Revealing the mystery of radio radiation from magnetars Xie lang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0177 Constrain the gravitational wave signals from μHz to 200Hz using high resolution pulsar timing by FAST Shenghua Yu B Abstract
PT2023_0178 Measure Multi-phase Turbulence in the California Molecular Cloud to Explain the Low Star Formation Rate Linjing Feng B Abstract
PT2023_0179 Single-pulse study of two newly discovered CRAFTS pulsars PSR J2159+0202 and PSR J1239+0326 Rukiye Rejep A+B Abstract
PT2023_0180 Pilot survey of FRB  in the Virgo cluster Zhang Chunfeng A+B Abstract
PT2023_0181 Long-term timing of 9 CRAFTS pulsars discovered by FAST Rukiye Rejep B Abstract
PT2023_0182 Search for repetition of a distant fast radio burst Hao Qiu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0183 Search for Polarized Radio Emissions from Cataclysmic Variables with FAST Xiaojie Xu B Abstract
PT2023_0184 Search for the planetary radio emissions from the V830 Tau system at L band Xing Wei B Abstract
PT2023_0185 Long-term monitoring for spider pulsars in Globular Clusters within FAST sky Yin dejiang B Abstract
PT2023_0186 Long-period pulsars: Magnetars or nearly dead pulsars? Nannan Cai B Abstract
PT2023_0187 A study of radio-loud gamma-ray pulsars using FAST Sun Shengnan B Abstract
PT2023_0188 Follow-up observations of GPPS Galactic radio transients zhoudejiang B Abstract
PT2023_0189 Highly sensitive observations of spider pulsars using FAST Wang Shuangqiang B Abstract
PT2023_0190 Polarization measurements of MSPs discovered by FAST-GPPS Wang Pengfei B Abstract
PT2023_0191 Using FAST to search for a planet around a pulsar Kunyang Liu B Abstract
PT2023_0192 Searching for pulsars in newly identified Globular Clusters. Yaowei Li A+B Abstract
PT2023_0193 Tming of 13 spider pulsars discovered in the FAST GPPS survey Zonglin Yang B Abstract
PT2023_0194 Computational Insights into Gravitational and Magnetospheric Interactions in Pulsar Systems Zhenbo Shi B Abstract
PT2023_0195 Timing pulsars in high efficiency through multi-beam pointings Wei-Cong Jing B Abstract
PT2023_0196 Zeeman Observation of HINSAs in B133, L134, and L466 Yuchen Xing B Abstract
PT2023_0197 Hunting for radio pulses from neutron star binaries song wang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0198 Searching for radio pulses from a Be/X-ray binary system Liu Xiaojin A+B Abstract
PT2023_0199 Searching for repeats from MeerKAT FRBs Manisha Caleb A+B Abstract
PT2023_0200 Multi-phase gas surveys of the lambda Ori -- A pilot FAST survey Xunchuan Liu B Abstract
PT2023_0201 Scintillation observations: measuring RRAT transverse velocity and surveying local interstellar medium Zhang Dandan B Abstract
PT2023_0202 Exploring Repeaters Among Apparent One-Off FRBs in the CHIME Catalogue xuan yang A+B Abstract
PT2023_0203 FAST sky OHM pilot survey Jialiang Chen B Abstract
PT2023_0204 Timing of stable millisecond pulsars that were discovered by FAST - potential sources of pulsar timing array Shuangqiang Wang B Abstract
PT2023_0205 Zeeman Observations of HI Narrow Self-Absorption in W75N Jiawei Liu B Abstract
PT2023_0206 A search for pulsed radio emission from the fastest rotating isolated white dwarf, WD J2211+1136 Alexander Wolszczan B Abstract
PT2023_0207 High Precision Measurements of Massive Neutron Star Masses LAM Yi Hua (LAM Yek Wah) B Abstract
PT2023_0208 Regular observations on FRB 20201124A Jiangwei Xu A+B Abstract
PT2023_0209 Multi-wavelength Constraints on the Nature of Fast Radio Bursts with FAST and XMM-Newton Florian Eppel A+B Abstract
PT2023_0210 The complex emission variations of PSR J1617+1123 Wenming Yan B Abstract
PT2023_0211 Constraining the kinematic distances of 16 pulsars by using HI absorption spectra Wei-Cong Jing B Abstract
PT2023_0212 The mode changing and narrow-band emission research of  PSR J0304+1932 with FAST Weilan Li B Abstract
PT2023_0213 FAST Follow-up (ToO) Observations of New Magnetars Triggered by the Einstein Probe Hang Gong B Abstract
PT2023_0214 High-DM Pulsars Search in Globular Cluster Glimpse C01 Yuxiao Wu B Abstract
PT2023_0215 Probing the Emission Properties of Rotating Radio Transients (RRATs) with the FAST Telescope Xie Jintao B Abstract
PT2023_0216 The most sensitive mapping observations of RRLs towards the famous Rosette Nebula Ligang Hou B Abstract
PT2023_0217 Giant pulse pilot survey from supernova remnants in M31 Zhangxu B Abstract
PT2023_0218 Exploring the Milky Way outskirts by sensitive HI observations Ligang Hou B Abstract
PT2023_0219 Dissecting a gigantic hourglass --- HI flows interacting with the Galactic magnetic field Fanyi Meng B Abstract