FAST Data Release 15(Released on November 1, 2023)


According to the FAST data policy, FAST Data Center releases data from August  1,2022 to  October 31, 2022. Projects carried out during this period are shown in the table below. The observed sources are listed in the attachment below. Please contact FAST Data Center ( for the data.

Important note: Releases data is only for astronomical scientific research, any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

20220801 - 20221031 - Observed projects
NO. PID PI Projects Name  Abstract
1 N2022_1 Zhu Ming HI drift scan survey Download
2 PT2022_0001 Tao-Chung Ching First Direct Mapping of Interstellar Magnetic Field Strength  
3 PT2022_0002 Lin Lin Catch the radio emission associated with magnetar-like X-ray bursts  
4 PT2022_0003 Lin Jie Searching for radio pulsations from the cataclysmic variable LAMOST J024048.51+195226.9  
5 PT2022_0005 Hong-Xin Zhang AVID-FAST: Atomic gas in Virgo Interacting Dwarfs - FAST HI mapping  
6 PT2022_0006 Lingqi Meng Test General Relativity with Pulsar's Geodetic Precession  
7 PT2022_0007 FrancescoCoti Zelati A FAST search for pulsations from a hour orbital period black widow candidate in a hierarchical triple system  
8 PT2022_0008 Jing Zhou Atomic Clouds Driven by Galactic Nuclear Wind  
9 PT2022_0009 Weiwei Zhu Testing the Theories of Gravitation with Pulsars  
10 PT2022_0010 Yao Jumei Pulsars as Interstellar Beacons  
11 PT2022_0012 bjwang Monitor the Recovery of PSR J1713+0747 Profile Changing Event Associated with DM Event and a Glitch  
12 PT2022_0013 Miao Chenchen Timing of 6 new MSPs and 12 MSP binary systems discovered in CRAFTS with FAST  
13 PT2022_0014 Sun Shengnan Polarization studies of mode changing pulsars using FAST  
14 PT2022_0015 Zi-Wei Ou The first millisecond pulsar TeV halo candidate  
15 PT2022_0016 bjwang Observing Double-Neutron-Stars system in the FAST sky  
16 PT2022_0017 Miao Xueli Using high sensitivity observation study particular stellar evolution in binary pulsar systems  
17 PT2022_0018 Zhang Chunfeng Monitoring Rotation Measure Evolution of the Repeating FRB 180301  
18 PT2022_0019 Wang Shuangqiang Highly sensitive observations of spider pulsars using FAST  
19 PT2022_0020 Weiyang Wang Observation of two FRBs with polarization measurements  
20 PT2022_0021 Lin Lin Joint Radio and X-ray monitoring campaign of SGR J1935+2154  
21 PT2022_0022 Wang Pei Timing Two Pulsars and Following up Three MSP Candidates Discovered by FAST in Unidentified Fermi Sources  
22 PT2022_0023 Heng Xu Refine the Mass Measurement of a Massive Pulsar via Shapiro Delay  
23 PT2022_0024 Joeri van Leeuwen Going over the edge: General Relativity reveals the magnetic pole of precessing pulsar J1906+0746   
24 PT2022_0025 ZhichenPan Deep Search for Pulsars in the Globular Clusters in the Southern Sky  
25 PT2022_0026 Yi Yan Unusual subpulse drifting of nine pulsars  
26 PT2022_0027 Cheng Cheng Deep Mapping of Diffuse HI in Intragroup Medium of Stephan's Quintet  
27 PT2022_0033 Kong Lingda FAST search for radio pulsar in gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057  
28 PT2022_0034 Niu Chenhui The Energy distribution and propagation effect of the FRB 20190520B that discovered by FAST  
29 PT2022_0035 Liu Xiaojin Timing observations of J1402+13: a bright binary millisecond pulsar and promising candidate for pulsar timing arrays  
30 PT2022_0037 Lian Yujie Timing Analysis of the new pulsars in M53: the most distant globular cluster with known pulsars  
31 PT2022_0040 Liu kuo Monitoring and discovering pulsars in Globular Cluster M2 and M14  
32 PT2022_0041 Jiangwei Xu High cadence observations on FRB 20201124A  
33 PT2022_0042 Shan-Shan Weng Search for radio pulsations from two AMXPs in quiescence  
34 PT2022_0043 Niu Jiarui Confirming 4 FAST-discovered RRATs and 2 potential repeating FRBs  
35 PT2022_0044 Ningyu Tang Excitation environment at regions with extremely low thermal pressure  
36 PT2022_0045 Hui Tian High-time resolution observations of radio transients on nearby flaring stars  
37 PT2022_0046 Alessio Marino Hunting for radio pulsations in the quiescent state of the fastest accreting millisecond pulsar  
38 PT2022_0047 Su Weiqi 18 Pulsars Discovered in the GPPS Survey: Young or Old?  
39 PT2022_0048 Lu Jiguang Search for periodic signals from ZTF J1406+1222 - the black widow candidate in a 62-minute-period orbit  
40 PT2022_0049 Lunhua Shang A Study of Single-pulse Modeling and the Bi-drifting Subpulses in PSR B1839-04 with the FAST  
41 PT2022_0050 Wang Lin Monitoring Pulsars in the globular cluster M13  
42 PT2022_0052 Ke Wang FAST Zeeman: Magnetic Field Strengths in Milky Way "Bones"  
43 PT2022_0053 Bin Liu The FAST Recombination Line Survey: First Segment II  
44 PT2022_0054 Wu Qingdong Long-term follow-up timing of six binary and four millisecond pulsars discovered by FAST  
45 PT2022_0055 Lunhua Shang Studying the radio emission From A Main-sequence Star HD 124224 With the FAST  
46 PT2022_0056 Heng Xu Expanding Chinese Pulsar Timing Array  
47 PT2022_0057 Rui Luo Monitoring a short gamma-ray burst with possible radio transient  
48 PT2022_0059 Zhe-Yu Daniel Lin Catch me if you can: Capturing the fast neutral wind from young stars with FAST  
49 PT2022_0060 Ligang Hou Exploring the outer gaseous boundary of the Milky Way by sensitive HI observations  
50 PT2022_0061 Wu Qingdong A Single-pulse Study of the Subpulse Drifter PSR J0540+4542 Discovered at FAST  
51 PT2022_0062 Lei Zhang Monitoring of millisecond pulsars in the globular cluster NGC5904 (M5) with FAST  
52 PT2022_0064 Yang Chen Follow-up Timing Observation of the FAST-detected Pulsar (J2016+3711) in Supernova Remnant CTB 87  
53 PT2022_0065 Xun Shi Pulsar scintillation arclets monitoring: probing properties of the interstellar plasma lenses  
54 PT2022_0066 Xunchuan Liu A FAST Survey of HINSA towards PGCCs in Broad Galactic Regions  
55 PT2022_0067 Yongkun Zhang Constrain the Relation between Fast Radio Bursts and Star Formation Rates  
56 PT2022_0068 Zhichen Pan Confirmation of Candidates from Reprocessing Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey Data  
57 PT2022_0070 Haotong Zhang follow up of LAMOST neutron star candidates  
58 PT2022_0071 Pak Hin Tam A search of Pulsars with ellipsoidal variation signature  
59 PT2022_0072 Jianli Zhang FAST searches for pulsars from LHAASO unassociated sources  
60 PT2022_0073 Niu Chenhui Deep Followup of FAST-discovered FRBs  
61 PT2022_0074 Bo Zhang Monitoring observations of repeating FRBs and their PRSs with VLBI including FAST  
62 PT2022_0075 Xiaoting Fu Searching for pulsars in Open Clusters  
63 PT2022_0076 Qingying Li A in-depth study of radio eclipse of PSR J1816+4510 with the FAST  
64 PT2022_0078 Li Xiangdong Observations of the eccentric binary millisecond pulsar J1950+2414  
65 PT2022_0081 Yong Zhang FAST search for atomic hydrogen in planetary nebulae  
66 PT2022_0083 Jin-Bo Fu Four dynamically discovered close binary systems containing neutron star candidates  
67 PT2022_0085 Wang Shuangqiang Searching for radio emissions from radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars  
68 PT2022_0088 Eswaraiah Chakali Measuring magnetic fields strengths in Planck Cold Clumps based on the HINSA Zeeman experiment with FAST  
69 PT2022_0089 Wang Jingbo Study of state switching pulsars  
70 PT2022_0090 Qingzheng Yu A Survey of HI Absorption in Faint Radio AGNs at z < 0.1  
71 PT2022_0091 Zheng Zheng HI follow-up for ALMaQUEST galaxies  
72 PT2022_0092 Lunhua Shang Studying the Pulsed Radio Emission From A Brown Dwarf TVLM 513-46546 With the FAST  
73 PT2022_0093 Tao Wang Microstructures of 5 Pulsars  
74 PT2022_0094 ZhichenPan Solving the Orbits of the Six Previously FAST Discovered Globular Cluster Binary Pulsars  
75 PT2022_0095 Heng Xu Ultra-High Precision Timing Observations of the Planet PulsarSystem  
76 PT2022_0097 Xue Mengyao Searching for the radio pulse signal from the companion neutron star in DNS systems  
77 PT2022_0098 Xun Shi Annual modulation of pulsar scintillation arc curvature: precision measurement of scintillation screen properties  
78 PT2022_0099 Pei Zuo The Tully-Fisher Relation of Polar Ring Galaxies  
79 PT2022_0100 Rui Luo Observing the candidate repeating sources from the CHIME/FRB Catalog  
80 PT2022_0101 Lin Jie Searching for radio pulsations from the redback millisecond pulsar candidate  
81 PT2022_0102 Xiang-Yu Wang Spin-down parameters of two FAST pulsars in LHAASO TeV gamma-ray sources  
82 PT2022_0103 Qi-Jun Zhi Timing and confirmation of new pulsars discovered by FAST at intermediate Galactic latitudes  
83 PT2022_0104 Alexander Wolszczan High-Cadence Timing Observations of the Planets Pulsar, PSR B1257+12  
84 PT2022_0105 Yao Jumei Revealing the spin-kick origin using a hyper-velocity pulsar  
85 PT2022_0106 Pablo Saz Parkinson FAST searches for MSPs in Fermi LAT unassociated sources from the 4FGL-DR3 Catalog  
86 PT2022_0107 Zi-Wei Ou Searching for radio pulses from pulsar candidates in binary systems with high-energy emission  
87 PT2022_0108 Lin Tingting Searching for counterparts of radio band for LHAASO-KM2A TeV source  
88 PT2022_0109 Yuan Mao Measuring the orbit and masses of a double neutron star systems through scintillation observations  
89 PT2022_0112 Rishank Diwan FAST searches for radio pulsars in gamma-ray binaries  
90 PT2022_0113 Yi Feng Search fast radio bursts co-located with superluminous supernovae  
91 PT2022_0114 Xuyang Gao FAST observation of the high-latitude supernova remnant G70.0-21.5  
92 PT2022_0115 Hang Gong A Deep Radio Pulsation Search from Five Galactic Compact Stellar Objects with Uncertain Identities Discovered in Non-radio Bands  
93 PT2022_0116 PARTHA SARATHI PAL A FAST search for radio pulsars in bright gamma-ray-emitting supernova remnants  
94 PT2022_0117 Shijun Dang Measurements of pulse jitter in millisecond pulsars using FAST  
95 PT2022_0119 Tong-Jie Zhang Targeted SETI with FAST: putting most stringent constrain on the artificial signals from ETIs towards the nearby stars  
96 PT2022_0120 Zhengli Wang The polarization and single-pulse characteristics for the whole pulse phase radiation pulsar.  
97 PT2022_0121 Sun Xiaohui A new polarimetric study of the supernova remnant IC 443  
98 PT2022_0124 Zhou Zurong Long-term timing of six MSPs in Globular Clusters  
99 PT2022_0125 zhoudejiang Follow-up observations of five FRBs discovered in the GPPS survey  
100 PT2022_0126 Ran Wang Testing AGN Feedback in Quasars with H I Observations  
101 PT2022_0129 Yuan Mao Reveal pulsar hidden emission pattern through single pulse morphology  
102 PT2022_0131 Weiyang Wang Radio transition from new-born magnetars in SLSNe  
103 PT2022_0132 Sun Shengnan A study of periodic amplitude modulation phenomenon in pulsars using FAST  
104 PT2022_0133 Guo Ziping Single-pulse observations of PSRs J0210+4238, J0552+4111 and J1907-1019 Nulling and Energy variation  
105 PT2022_0134 Liu Lijia Interplanetary Scintillation Observations with FAST during PSP perihelion  
106 PT2022_0135 Xu Jun Searching for pulsars in four subdwarf B binary systems  
107 PT2022_0136 Xin Cheng Detection of stellar type III radio bursts on flare-active stars  
108 PT2022_0138 Zhao Rushuang The research of nulling behavior of new pulsars detected in CRAFTS  
109 PT2022_0139 Baoda Li Timing, studying scintillation, and searching for pulsars in M3 .  
110 PT2022_0140 Fengwei Xu A HINSA survey of high-latitude Planck Galactic cold clumps  
111 PT2022_0141 Niu Jiarui The Enigmatic Birth Properties of Pulsars  
112 PT2022_0142 Ligang Hou A distant  large star forming complex in the first Galactic quadrant discovered by the GPPS survey  
113 PT2022_0143 Li Xiangdong Search for Fast Radio Bursts from Fast Blue Optical Transients  
114 PT2022_0145 Gan Luo Multi-phase gas in the HI super-bubble in Per OB2 Association  
115 PT2022_0146 Hang Gong A Single Pulse Search from Two Young SNRs Which Might Host Energetic Crab-like Pulsars within 1Mpc  
116 PT2022_0148 EKTA SHARMA Investigations of magnetic fields in Planck Galactic Cold clumps using Zeeman effect  
117 PT2022_0149 Roger Ianjamasimanana H I observations of ”isolated” Local Group dwarf galaxies.  
118 PT2022_0150 Wang Shen A Single Pulses Study of 10 Nulling Pulsars  
119 PT2022_0151 Carl Heiles Small-Scale Structure of Gas and Magnetic Field in the Orion-Eridanus Superbubble Wall  
120 PT2022_0152 Qingying Li Study of nulling and mode changing of eight newly pulsars discovered by the FAST Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot survey  
121 PT2022_0153 bjwang Observing the low-luminosity Fast Radio Bursts in the FAST sky  
122 PT2022_0154 Qiuyi Luo Unveil scenario of cloud formation  in multi-shell system G24  
123 PT2022_0155 Yao Jumei Confirming and timing halo pulsar candidates detected by FAST  
124 PT2022_0158 Zonglin Yang Timing of double neutron star candidate J1933+2038g  
125 PT2022_0159 Tao Wang Long-term Timing of 19 Binary Pulsars Discovered By GPPS Survey  
126 PT2022_0160 Wanjin Lu Follow-up search for radio pulsations from a central compact object and magnetars  
127 PT2022_0162 Jun Wang Single pulse and phase-jitter analysis of millisecond pulsars using FAST High Time Resolution Observation  
128 PT2022_0163 Carl Heiles Verify the Linear Polarization in HI Absorption Line toward Quasars  
129 PT2022_0164 Zhang Dandan Measuring the distances of scintillation screens towards globular clusters M5, M13, M15  
130 PT2022_0165 Kou Feifei The variation of Polarization Properties of the Crab pulsar before and after glitch.  
131 PT2022_0169 Xu Jun Probing the vertical component of Galactic magnetic fields with FAST pulsar polarization observations  
132 PT2022_0171 Yidong Xu Follow-up observation of HI absorber candidates found by blind searching  
133 PT2022_0172 Xunchuan Liu FAST Observations of HI towards a CO-harboring HVC -- the G165  
134 PT2022_0173 Guodong Li Detecting the HI Emission of Two Low-Redshift Hot Dust-Obscured Galaxy Analogs  
135 PT2022_0174 Wang Pengfei Confirmation of the binary nature of millisecond pulsars discovered in the GPPS survey  
136 PT2022_0175 Shenghua Yu Investigation of the timing residuals from μHz to 100Hz using high sensitive and high time resolution pulsar observations by FAST  
137 PT2022_0176 Zhao Rushuang Half pulse search in PSRs J1758+3030, J1820-0509 and J2037+1942  
138 PT2022_0177 zhoudejiang Follow-up observations of new RRATs discovered in the GPPS survey  
139 PT2022_0178 Zonglin Yang Timing seven GPPS binary millisecond pulsars  
140 PT2022_0179 Miao Chenchen PSR J2032+4127: a pulsar with an orbital period of 52.4 yr  
141 PT2022_0180 Jialu Qiu Observational verification of multipole magnetic field of pulsars in radio band  
142 PT2022_0181 Bo Zhang Search for extragalactic HI absorption systems in the redshift range of 0.25-0.35  
143 PT2022_0182 Hongying Chen H I Observations towards Variability-Selected AGN-host Dwarf Galaxies  
144 PT2022_0183 Renzhi Su The AGN feedback in bright radio quasars  
145 PT2022_0184 Ashesh Abhisek Khatua HINSA Zeeman experiment towards a Planck Galactic cold clump (PGCC) G178.98-06.7 using FAST  
146 PT2022_0186 Nannan Cai Timing of 48 long-period pulsars discovered by the GPPS survey  
147 PT2022_0187 Renzhi Su Searching for OH 18-cm absorption lines against bright radio sources  
148 PT2022_0190 Shijun Dang Timing of Pulsars with frequent glitches  
149 PT2022_0192 Yogesh Chandola HI content of young starburst blueberry galaxies  
150 PT2022_0193 Habtamu Menberu Tedila Investigation for the physics of pulsars with complex emission features  
151 PT2022_0195 Duan Yan Tracking A High-Velocity Cloud and Its Footprints on the Galactic Disk  
152 PT2022_0196 Xiaoyuan Huang Constraining dark matter properties from radio observations of a dwarf spheroidal galaxy  
153 PT2022_0197 Weicong Jing Measuring pulsar distances from the HI absorption line  
154 PT2022_0198 Shunshun Cao Sub-pulse drifting study of 13 pulsars vaired in 4 drifting types  
155 PT2022_0200 De Zhao Long-term timing of 10 millisecond pulsars using FAST  
156 PT2022_0201 Hongwei Xi Searching for HI in high redshift galaxies  
157 PT2022_0202 Wang Wei Fast variations of radio flux and polarization in microquasars  
158 ZD2022_1 Di Li The Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS) Download
159 ZD2022_2 Jinlin Han The Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot (GPPS) survey Download
160 ZD2022_4 Wang Jie  HI Mapping and pulsars searching toward M31 region  Download
161 ZD2022_5 Weiwei Zhu Fast radio burst searches and multi-wavelength observations Download
162 ZD2022_6 Na Wang Pulsar timing:  Physics and evolution of pulsars Download
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