Call for FAST Science Observing Proposals


The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), a Chinese national science facility, welcomes submission of science proposals for the upcoming observing period scheduled from August 2024 to July 2025. Users of any nationalities or affiliations are invited to submit proposals before the deadline at 16:00 UT on 15th May 2024 through the website system will open on 6th April 2024). Information on the techniques and current performance of the telescope are available at Note that only the 19-beam receiver is available for the upcoming observing period.

The FAST science operation covers both regular science programs and large programs. Please note that this Call only solicits regular science proposals, which can each request up to 80 hours of observing time. It is anticipated that about 1600 hours of observing time will be allocated to regular science programs. Any proposal should justify why FAST is necessary for the requested observations. Based on the statistics of the last observing period, the oversubscription rate is 5.6 on average, and reaches 7.1 for the LST range of 18 to 22 hours, which approximately corresponds to the Galactic plane time for the FAST.

The FAST started its full operation in January 2020, and is now completing its fourth science observing period. A list of previously accepted science proposals, including both regular science and large programs, can be found at Note that information on future approved proposals, including titles, PI names, abstracts, and scheduling priorities, will also be posted on the website. Science data obtained through a regular science program have a proprietary period of 12 months. Please see the FAST Data Policy posted at for more details. To avoid duplication, proposers should query the FAST archive at before planning observations to check if any existing data meet their scientific goals.

Should you have any further question about the telescope operation and proposal submission, please contact us at