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1 3002 汤宁宇 河内中性氢吸收线巡天 下载 
2 3004 潘之辰 M31脉冲星巡天 下载
3 3005 冯毅 射电脉冲星的单脉冲研究 下载
4 3011 潘之辰 FAST超宽带接收机脉冲星漂移扫描搜寻——球状星团 下载
5 3013 王珅 FAST天区已知FRB发生区域的观测和FRB突发后的后随观测 下载
6 3045 李菂 FAST脉冲星候选体认证和后随观测 下载
7 3047 王杰 M31 星系盘的边沿HI的径向分布 下载
8 3049 朱明 中性氢漂移扫描巡天测试 下载
9 3053 高旭阳 FAST 19波束二维天线方向图的测量 下载
10 3055 韩金林 FAST Galactic Plane Pulsar Shooting (FAST-GPPS) Program 下载
11 3057 马寅哲 Filament of neutral hydrogen between clusters 下载
12 3058 Yao Jumei Revealing the origin of AU-scale structure with ISS observation of J0538+2817 下载
13 3059 Ralph Eatough Searching for Radio Signal in Magnetars 下载
14 2019a-002-S Tang, Ningyu Probing Physical Environment of Atomic Gas in the Galactic Plane through Quasar Absorption 下载
15 2019a-003-S Huijie Hu Baryonic Tully Fisher relation for dwarf galaxies and environmental dependence 下载
16 2019a-004-S Shi, Hui Large-Scale Mapping of Carbon Radio Recombination Lines Towards Orion-A 下载
17 2019a-005-S Fang, Taotao Connecting the Circumgalactic Medium and the HI content of the redshift ~ 0.2 galaxies: A pilot study 下载
18 2019a-007-S Xiao, Ting Quantifying HI in Galaxies with Unusually High Molecular-to-Atomic Gas Ratios 下载
19 2019a-012-S Cheng, Cheng Unveiling the HI gas for galaxies in transition from low to high star formation efficiency 下载
20 2019a-016-S Marko Krčo HI Imaging of the Lockman Hole with FAST 下载
21 2019a-017-S Ho, Luis C. H I Profiles as a Tool to Probe the Evolutionary Stages of Galaxy Mergers 下载
22 2019a-018-S Tsai, Chaowei H I Content of Mid-IR Bright, Low-Metallicity Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies 下载
23 2019a-020-S Wu, Yuefang HI Narrow Self-Absorption in different carbon chain molecule production regions 下载
24 2019a-021-S Ching,Taochung FAST Zeeman Observations of HI Narrow Self-Absorption in Molecular Clouds 下载
25 2019a-022-S Zuo, Pei A Survey of HI Narrow Self-Absorption (HINSA) in Planck Galactic Cold Cores 下载
26 2019a-023-S Xu, Cong Atomic Hydrogen in Super Spiral Galaxies 下载
27 2019a-025-S Wang, Ke Investigating the HI to H2 Transition in a Molecular Cloud Ring 下载
28 2019a-030-S Peng, Bo A Pilot FAST Ultra Deep Survey (PFUDS) 下载
29 2019a-035-S Zheng, Zheng Observe OH absorption with FAST 下载
30 2019a-036-S Wang, Jing Deep HI imaging of the group NGC 4636: a pilot survey for FAST-ASKAP synergetic HI observations 下载
31 2019a-037-S Tsai, Chaowei Tracking the H I Gas near a Dark-Matter Deficient Galaxy Group 下载
32 2019a-038-S Hu, Bo Mapping Cygnus-X North in HINSA 下载
33 2019a-044-S Wang, Junzhi Mapping one Galactic plane region for RRLs and HI 21cm line 下载
34 2019a-045-S Liu, Mengting A Pilot Project of Search for Small Scale Structures in the ISM 下载
35 2019a-050-SC Cao, Yue How Stars are Cooked in the ISM Soup: A Comprehensive Survey toward the ISM and Star Formation Process in Cygnus X South 下载
36 2019a-060-P Chen, Yang Search for Fast Radio Bursts from Superluminous Supernovae PTF10hgi 下载
37 2019a-061-P Dai, Shi Rapid follow-up of precisely localised Fast Radio Bursts 下载
38 2019a-062-P Wang, Shen A Sensitive Follow-up Study of Fast Radio Bursts detected by ASKAP 下载
39 2019a-078-P Dai, Shi Resolving the emission region of PSR B1957+20 using plasma lensing 下载
40 2019a-082-P Miao,Chenchen Timing millisecond pulsars discovered by FAST 下载
41 2019a-084-P Wang, Lin M13 new discovery follow-up observations 下载
42 2019a-095-P Hou, Xian A deep FAST search for pulsations to unveil the nature of the Magnificent Seven isolated neutron stars 下载
43 2019a-096-P Zhang, Songbo Observations of Rotating Radio Transients with FAST 下载
44 2019a-097-P Tam, Pakhin Searching for the pulsar in the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057 下载
45 2019a-102-P Chen, Yang Search for radio pulse in a few supernova remnants (pulsar wind nebulae) 下载
46 2019a-107-P Li, D Timing the Mysterious Fermi Pulsar in Taurus 下载
47 2019a-114-P Pan, Zhichen Timing Two New Millisecond Pulsars Discovered by FAST in Globular Clusters 下载
48 2019a-123-C Chan, Manho Constraining annihilating dark matter by radio data of A262 cluster 下载
49 2019a-124-C Tang, Jing Low Frequency FAST Pilot Observations of the Coolest Brown Dwarfs 下载
50 2019a-126-C Wang, Lifan Searching radio emission from thermonuclear supernova 2018evt with strong CSM-interaction 下载
51 2019a-129-P Luo, Rui Monitoring the repeating FRB candidates 下载
52 2019a-130-P Zhang, Bing Searching for repeating bursts from CHIME repeating FRBs with FAST 下载
53 2019a-132-O Zhang, Bing Detecting radio counterparts of gravitational wave sources during LIGO O3 with FAST 下载