FAST Data Center User Guides


    FAST Data Center provides these services: data storage management, computing resource allocation, software installation,hardware-equipment hosting, and data external transmission.
FAST Data Center Email:
    Please download the application forms referred to the following context in the bottom attachment list, or contact the FAST Data Center .

    It will be very helpful to check the FAST Data Policy first(

(1) Get FAST data

   Figure 1 Get FAST data flow chart

Observation data are stored in the cluster of the FAST Data Center. Users can apply for a cluster account of the FAST Data Center to reduce the data on the cluster (Paid service,please refer to the service standard: ).For register a user account,please refer to article 2( Note: the international users may suffer from the connection quality.).

   Alternatively, any individual can request to copy out their data using hard disks after filing in the"FAST Data Copy-Out Application form". Copy-out applications must be approved by the principal investigator of the related project for unreleased data.

(2) Register and remove a cluster account of the FAST Data Center

    Data storage and processing services in a GNU/Linux environment are available at the FAST Data Center at minimal cost. If you want to use the FAST cluster to reduce your data, you should have an sponsor account in the FAST Data Center in advance. Please contact ( for sponsor account registration. Each registered user account is associate with a sponsor account.The user account can be created after filing a "Request for Adding Sponsored User Accounts" application form, signed by the applicant(s) and the persons on charge of the associated sponsor account.
     An active user account can be removed  by filing a “Request for removing Sponsored User Accounts”application form.

(3) Access permission to non-baseband project data

     The cluster user account of the Principal Investigator (PI), if exists, will be granted access permission to related project data directly. While the other cluster users must fill in the application form of  "Application for Permission to Access FAST Data". Every user on the FAST cluster has the read permission for all released data, which can be found under the directory "/data31/releaseData". Application for permission to access released data is not necessary, and will not be processed.

(4) Copy-out project data

     Non-baseband project data can be copied-out from the FAST Data Center on demand. A data copy-out request should be submitted. For copying-out unreleased data,users must fill in the form of  "FAST Data Copy-Out Application".The FAST Data Center will review and process the request after receiving approval by the PI. For copying-out released data, users must fill in the form of  "FAST Released Data Copy-Out Request".The FAST Data Center will review and process the request as soon as possible.
     If you chose to bring the storage media (currently only 3.5” SATA or SAS hard disks are accepted) to FAST site, it is necessary to contact the FAST office before travelling to the site.
     Another choice is send the disks to the FAST site after contacting the FAST Data Center <> and having received a confirmation. Hard disks sent to the FAST Data Center without prior confirmation will be rejected.

Attachment List:

1.Application for Permission to Access FAST Data.docx

2.Request for Adding Sponsored User Accounts.docx

3.Request for Removing Sponsored User Accounts.docx

4.FAST Data Copy-Out Application.docx

5.FAST Released Data Copy-Out Request.docx

6.Request for Resource Allocation Changes.docx